Create Custom Ingredient

Nov 21, 2023

How do I create a custom ingredient?


Adding custom ingredients is easy. There are four variations, described below.

Admins can add new ingredients directly to the Ingredients database, or add a new ingredient to a Recipe.


Users can add a new ingredient by adding one to a Recipe:

  1. Open a Recipe.

  2. Click the + Add Ingredient button at the bottom left of the ingredient list

  3. Click the light gray Nutrient Database icon  to the left of the new ingredient row


This is where the path splits, depending on your customization needs. You can:

  • Upload an Ingredient Specification document from your ingredient supplier. Flavor Studio will read the document and import the ingredient data.

  • Duplicate 100% of an existing ingredient, either from your organization’s ingredient database or copy an ingredient from the USDA Nutrient Database.

  • Create a new ingredient by manually entering all of the new ingredient information.

  • Create a new ingredient manually, but copy the nutrient information from another ingredient.

How-To: Upload an Ingredient Specification document

  1. Perform the 4 steps above.

  2. In the Nutrient Database dialog that opens, click the + Add new ingredient button in the upper right. The New Ingredient dialog will open.

  3. Click Nutrients / Allergens, on the left side of the dialog.

  4. Click the blue Upload PDF button.

  5. At the top of the dialog, to the right of the Import Nutrients label, click the Upload PDF File button.

  6. The standard File Dialog for your operating system will open.

  7. Choose the file that contains the nutrient information.

  8. Flavor Studio will analyze the PDF, and make the best effort at reading the data.

  9. Flavor Studio will show how many of the nutrients were imported, by category:


General: ⎽⎽ out of 13

Vitamins: ⎽⎽ out of 20

Minerals: ⎽⎽ out of 13

Amino acids: ⎽⎽ out of 18

Fatty Acids: ⎽⎽ out of 4

Other: ⎽⎽ out of 11

Heavy Metals: ⎽⎽ out of 4

Allergens: ⎽⎽ out of 11


Each one of the above categories can be expanded by clicking on it. Flavor Studio will display each of the individual nutrients in each category.