Duplicate Ingredients

Nov 21, 2023

How to duplicate an existing ingredient, either from your organization’s custom ingredients or copy an ingredient from the USDA

  1. Open a Recipe.

  2. Click the + Add Ingredient button at the bottom left of the ingredient list.

  3. Click the Nutrient Database icon  to the left of the new ingredient row.

  4. The Nutrient Database dialog will open. This dialog allows you to search all of your organization’s ingredients as well as the USDA Nutrient Database. FYI, there can be several hundred results, depending on the ingredient you are searching for, e.g., milk has more than 200 results in the USDA database.

  5. Enter the name of an ingredient that you want to duplicate.

  6. When you have located the ingredient you wish to duplicate, click on it.

  7. Flavor Studio will open a new dialog that allows you to perform four different actions:

    1. Add New Ingredient

    2. Preview Ingredient

    3. Duplicate Ingredient

    4. Break Ingredient Link

  8. Click Preview Ingredient.

  9. Review the ingredient information to see that it suits your needs.

  10. Click Duplicate Ingredient.

  11. Make any needed changes to any of the ingredient’s data, such as Ingredient Name, Item Code, or Notes such as copied from ____________.

  12. Click SAVE. This will save the duplicate ingredient in your organization’s database, and add it to the current Recipe.

  13. Alternately, you can search again by clicking the Search button (magnifying glass), and finding a more suitable ingredient, or simply click Close, and absolutely nothing will be changed in your Recipe.

Note: If you close the recipe without saving, or if you delete the duplicate ingredient, it will not be saved to your recipe. However, the duplicate ingredient will now have a permanent home in your organization’s database.