Ingredient Pricing

Nov 21, 2023

How do I add or change pricing information for an ingredient?

The pricing information (cost per quantity) can be set for each Ingredient in the Procurement panel of the New / Edit Ingredient dialog.


To set the pricing information for an ingredient:

  1. Click on the Nutrient Database icon  immediately to the left of the ingredient that needs updated pricing information.

  2. The Edit Ingredient dialog will open. Click Procurement on the left side of the dialog.

  3. Enter an Item Code for this ingredient (required).

  4. Enter the minimum information required to calculate ingredient pricing for a recipe are these three fields:

    1. Cost (dollars)

    2. Quantity

    3. Unit of measurement dropdown

  5. Click SAVE

IMPORTANT: The Ingredient Procurement section also contains a field used in several calculations:

Yield. Enter a percentage that reflects the amount of an ingredient remaining after peeling, draining, etc.