Duplicate Existing Ingredients

Nov 21, 2023

How to create a new ingredient and copy the nutrient information from another ingredient

  1. Open a Recipe.

  2. Click the + Add Ingredient button at the bottom left of the ingredient list

  3. Click the Nutrient Database icon  to the left of the new ingredient row

  4. In the Nutrient Database dialog that opens, click the + Add new ingredient button in the upper right.

  5. The New Ingredient dialog will open.

  6. Click Nutrients / Allergens, on the left side of the dialog.

  7. Click on the Other Ingredients button in the upper right of the New Ingredient dialog.

  8. The Copy Ingredient Nutrient Values dialog will open, allowing you to search for the ingredient you wish to copy nutrient and allergen information from.

  9. Click on the ingredient in the dropdown. An example Nutrition Label will appear, showing this ingredient’s Nutrients and Allergens.

  10. Click the IMPORT button in the lower right corner of the dialog. The following warning will appear:

Importing will overwrite all the values currently in the ingredient.

Please confirm that you want to update the nutrient values.

  1. Click CONFIRM.

  2. Continue adding as much or as little information as needed for this new ingredient.

  3. When you have finished adding information, click SAVE.